Saturday, January 21, 2012

Celebrating 50 million dead babies. Celebrating???

Jill Stanek and many pro-life bloggers are driving NARAL and other pro-abortion people crazy by asking them a simple question: "What do you mean by `choice'?" The action was prompted last year as NARAL instituted its "Blog for Choice" campaign last year on the anniversary of the tragedy known as Roe vs. Wade.

The thing is, NARAL—the "National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League" (I think I've got the words to the acronym right, but I really don't care...they never use them) has answered the question.

The "choice" is abortion. Period.

On their website, under the heading "What is Choice?" there are four "answers." Topping the list is, of course, Abortion. In fourth place—obviously in the cellar as far as NARAL is concerned—is "Healthy" Pregnancies.

You don't need to be a rocket science to see where this group's priorities are.

Even "pregnancy" isn't really a choice unless it's a "healthy" one. Read: if you're not a perfect baby, kid, adios and see ya in the dumpster.

I couldn't think of anything uglier than facilitating the gruesome death of a baby until I came across something that makes me shiver even as I write this:

Partying down on millions of dead babies' bodies.

There's a group called the "D.C. Abortion Fund" and the headline on its site says it all:


Nope. I'm not making this up. Evidently the group doesn't understand the meaning of the word "perdition" or maybe, what the hell (pun intended) they do and they embrace it. In any case, the text goes on to breathlessly outline the parties, celebrations, and other festivities planned for the anniversary.

Get ready to boogie down with DCAF this month! We have emerged mostly unscathed from our loving families and are ready to Roe-ll! The 39th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision is January 22, and we are so grateful for the dedicated activists, legislators, and donors who continue to make abortion rights a reality here and around the world...Here is your pro-choice social calendar for this week and next

Following this giddy introduction is a list of happy hours, rallies, dinners, more happy hours, parties, still more happy hours...all conveniently listing times, ticket information, and locations. Most of them are in bars. At least one is in an elegant restaurant. Topping the host list are NARAL and NOW.

My question isn't "what do you mean by `choice'" because I already know what they mean by "choice."

My question is simple: what sort of mind-set deems it necessary—no, desirable—to celebrate death?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ron Wine, father of Colleen Hammond, R.I.P.

Please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Mr. Ron Wine, who died on January 17, and for the comfort of his family. Among Mr. Wine's many accomplishments are his four children, including the wonderful Colleen Hammond.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 23: A Day of Prayer and Penance for Life

No need to wait, though...let's start praying and doing penance now!

In all the dioceses of the United States of America, January 22 (or January 23, when January 22 falls on a Sunday) shall be observed as a particular day of penance for violations to the dignity of the human person committed through acts of abortion, and of prayer for the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to life. The Mass "For Peace and Justice" (no. 22 of the "Masses for Various Needs") should be celebrated with violet vestments as an appropriate liturgical observance for this day.

(General Instruction of the Roman Missal, no. 373)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

"Ten Years Later?" Uh...I don't think so

True, ten years ago, The Boston Globe broke a story covering years of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests and employees of the Archdiocese of Boston.

However, this "ten years" thing is, while not, I'm sure, deliberate? It's still a ruse. Male adolescents, and children, were sexually abused by male priests and other diocese employees for decades.

So can we dispense with the "10 Year" crap, unless we want to congratulate Michael Paulson and his Globe team for breaking the story? (Which I do, by the way.)

Thank you. Sheesh. It's headlines like this that make me want to warm up to groups I normally look askance SNAP and -- what was their name? Oh yes, "Voice of the People."

Face it folks. "Ten Years Later," the Catholic Church's perverts—may God have mercy on them—got caught. As did their enablers. Say it to yourselves. I promise you, you'll feel better. Or, maybe not better, but you can at least congratulate yourselves on being honest.

But what really happened "Ten Years" ago? 

Well, for one thing, the idiots who let this perversity go on without even considering the ramifications walked right into the devil's the aforementioned groups like "Voice of the Faithful" and other, even more perverse groups like "Dignity" the opportunity they'd been salivating for: "changing" the Church.

[insert harp-like memorable music here]

I can still hear it now:

"Oh, gosh, if only priests were allowed to marry." (Not, of course, even giving a nod to the fact that the VAST majority of abusers were men attracted to young boys.)

"My dear, if only women were allowed to become priests!" (Without, of course, even doffing their hats to the Church's dictum that such a thing was impossible.)

"I'm leaving the Church, dammit!" (This, of course, from—not all, but very, very many—folks who hadn't darkened a Catholic church door in years.)

And even today:

"Hey, let the lay folks run the Mass!"

"Hey, it's Gay Pride Week—let's have a Mass to celebrate!"

"Hey, I know...let's invite dissident priest Father Gumdrop to give us a good pep talk!"

"Hey, didja hear? Sister Maggie Sugarplum was just ordained!!!"

The list goes on, but you get my point. Or if you don't, think about it.

And then there were the "cures" [gag]

Foremost among them? Why "Talking About Touching" of course! An abominable "program" started around 2004 or so, that exposed little kids—I'm talking about six-year-olds here—to "preventative" lessons which pretty much taught little kids to beware of their own family members. Google it.

Let's face it, folks. "Ten Years Later" is a stupid phrase to acknowledge the fact that Church leadership—the Church founded by my Best Friend Jesus Christ—let jerks come in and try to destroy Her.

The Good News? They didn't.

The bad news? They're still trying.

And they've been given carte blanche, practically because for years—not a decade, but years—the folks in charge let things slide.

Cardinal O'Malley's letter to the Archdiocese of Boston made it very clear that, despite the millions of dollars given over to sexual abuse victims, to new "programs," etc., etc., the letter was not a congratulatory pose.

Good. Because we don't need a pulled-out shoulder caused from patting ourselves on the back to hurt us even further.

May God continue to bless you.