Friday, April 24, 2015

Post an ugly picture of Hillary…oh yeah, that'll spread the Gospel, sheesh

Social media among "Catholics" can be, in my humble opinion, equivalent to the forbidden fruit in Eden.

What so many -- too many -- of my Catholics do is, rather than calmly (or hell, I'll buy excitedly) say "Uh…no, Mrs. Clinton (or pick your favorite pro-abortion person), life begins at conception and you're wrong when you condone abortion" do?

They post an unflattering photo of the person they're trying to "correct"…and think they're being…"Catholic.'

News flash? You're NOT! Acting as Catholics ought to, I mean.

Here's the thing:


Sorry for the yelling, but some of you are driving me nuts.

Here's another thing:

God LOVES Hillary Clinton. 

Yes, I know this may be causing your throat to collect stuff that'll make you choke, but it's the truth. You want the truth? This is the truth. You want to feel oh-so-pious? Ignore what I just said.

Ignore it at your own peril.

Ignore, at your own peril, that God loves all those people some of you seem to LOVE to HATE.

So? As Catholics…as Christians…as followers of Christ?


Love them, I mean.

Next time you feel the urge to take Christ's job -- for those of you still in hate mode, that would be called "judgment" -- and resort to hateful stuff, here's a tip:

Stop. Breathe. PRAY for the one you think you hate.

Because if you don't? You're screwing yourself. And worse? You may be -- by crooking your stupid little finger, beckoning all your really stupid "likes" and "retweets," etc., etc.?

You're screwing others, too.

May God continue to bless you.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Why do we make the Sign of the Cross? Three (Key Word) reasons to know...

Father Mike Schmitz of Altaration knocks it out of the ballpark.

Ask yourself: Why did God make me?