Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A comment on "women's ordination"

A reader writes, regarding the post below called "No, so won't be `ordained'" (bracketed words are mine):

Maybe I'm missing something but I've never been able to figure out how priestly ordination came to be an equal RIGHTS issue! C'mon. Nobody has a RIGHT to be ordained, correct? Isn't priestly ministry essentially about service more than power??? I have to wondfer what values are driving this OW [ordination of women] issue. Mary, Mater Dei, was never ordained a priest! And she certainly had more qualifications for the office than many of these women who are clamoring for this RIGHT, today, no???

Several years ago now, in the letters to the editor section of the notorously liberal NCR [National Catholic Reporter], I remember this famous quip by a female opponent of OW (and I quote, because it stuck with me as a great soundbyte):

"The best argument against the ordination of women is the women who want to be ordained..."

Note: This reader uses WebTV and therefore can't use the comments feature, alas. He is a Roman Catholic priest.