Thursday, July 07, 2005

More on Saint Albert the Great Parish, Weymouth MA

It appears my Benedictine friend isn't the only one disturbed, to say the least, at the reversal of the decision to close Saint Albert the Great Parish in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Long time Pew Lady reader and close-to-the-source woman Marjorie sent me a copy of a letter she wrote to a relative, who's a parishioner at the "Sit In" parish, and gave me permission to blog it. Here it is. (N.B. Marjorie tells me that the reference to "gaping wounds" refers to those inflicted on the Body of Christ.)


These are the gaping wounds that the people of St. Albert's, St. Francis's, VOTF, the council of parishes, and the rest of that demonic-inspired horde have inflicted:

They have dragged MY mother (and YOURS), our Church, through the public media in rags like a whore, laying Her open to the scorn and contempt of the rabble, inviting their curses and their stones by casting the first and the nastiest themselves.

They have trampled Her good name and reputation in the mud and exposed her to the hatred of the crowds, just as Her Son was dragged through the streets of Jerusalem.

They have clamped an iron ring around the neck of MY spiritual father (and YOURS), the Archbishop, the Apostle chosen by Christ, and led him like a trained bear, humiliating him before the vlugar eyes of every hater of Christ, and they cheered on the chorus of blood-lust, "Crucify him. Crucify him."

They spat on him. They yelled, "Liar" and every ugly name that came to their debased minds and made every false accusation against him, the worst and most vicious and the most painful coming from those who call themselves Catholic.

They dance on his bruised and battered, almost-dead soul, his humiliation being greater because it was egged on by those whom he has tried, in Christ, to serve. "See these Christians, how they love one another."

And Ms. Akoury. "Like David, we have defeated Goliath." How she revealed her ugly intentions in that metaphor! This is what she actually said: "We will one day be king, because we have slain the King's only Son. We will remake His Body, the Church, in OUR image." As Jesus said, "Their very own words will condemn them."

She did not say anything about "answered prayers". It's a good thing. From the ugly fruit that this ugly tree has borne, it can hardly have been an answer from God.

Worst of all (as if all that hell-on-earth were not enough) are the charades called "eucharistic prayer services", which are nothing more than blasphemy and sacrilege. They mock the very thing that they pretend to worship.

These are the bleeding, gaping wounds that every one of us who love the Church have suffered from the self-indulgence of whining children who don't want to leave their little sandbox.

So now, the St. Albert's-Lovel's Corner Men's (and Lady's) Club has re-opened, and they can have their soccer team and their hockey team and their color guard, and their book club that studies heresy, and feel very smug and self-satisfied.

Eucharistic Adoration? Forty Hours Devotion? As I was told by the man who runs their website, "Oh, we don't have time for those things. Maybe someday when we are not so busy."

They have defeated the King--and they are SO proud.