Monday, July 25, 2005

No, she won't be "ordained"

Is there anybody who really believes, that when it comes to the Catholic Church, the mainstream media is "unbiased?"

From today's Boston Globe, a photo caption to a story:

"Marie David outside the Harbor Breeze Inn in Harwichport, in deacon’s vestments. She will be ordained a Catholic priest today in Canada. Church officials say the ceremony is invalid." [My emphasis.]

Church officials "say" the ceremony is invalid. Okay, I supposed that's good journalism.

But why then why didn't the caption writer exercise the same journalist integrity in the second sentence: "She will be ordained a Catholic priest..." Shouldn't it read, "She says she will be ordained, etc."?

And what's with this lead:

"Even as a child, Marie David wanted to be a priest."

How do we know this? Because Marie David says so? Then why not put it that way:

"Marie David claims she wanted to be a priest, even as a child."

Another question: is there any woman who, although she truly believes that she has a vocation to the priesthood, is faithful to the Church on other matters? I didn't think so.

"[Mrs.]David, who opposes mandatory celibacy for priests and is married to a former priest, shrugs off the possibility of being excommunicated by the church, saying '`there would be a sadness, but I refuse to recognize their authority to tell me that.'"

Why "sadness?" If she refuses to recognize the Church's authority, why does she give a bleep about excommunication?

"As an adult, she worked as a director of religious education at a parish in Saco, Maine, and then as a volunteer in a parish in Merrimack, N.H., where she tried to get permission from the bishop to preach regularly, but was ignored. "

Somebody maybe should've stepped in right at this point and offered a bit of education to Mrs. David. And, incidentally, yanked her from the DRE position!

"While living in New Hampshire, she married James F. David, who had been the pastor in Saco, but who had resigned from the priesthood; the couple began worshiping at the Paulist Center in Boston."

No surprise there.