Monday, July 11, 2005

"Stop, in God's Name!" (Pope to terrorists)

The Holy Father voiced his "profound grief over the atrocious terrorist attacks" that had shocked London two days earlier. He prayed for the victims and their families, and condemned those who "nourish feelings of hatred" and engage in "such repugnant terrorist acts."

Meanwhile, Catholic World News (and apparently other media outlets) report a "dispute" in the Vatican over the use of the term "anti-Christian" in condemning the attacks.

I hate to sound Clintonesque, but I'm wondering if it all depends on what the term "anti-Christian" means.

If it's meant to convey that Islam is an "anti-Christian" religion, that's one thing. It it's meant to convey that behaving like a terrorist does not conform to Christianity, that's another thing.

I mean, if my Catholic friend teamed up with my Methodist minister pal and my Jewish buddy and blew up my house, I'd call that both "anti-Christian" and "anti-human."

Possibly I'm missing some obvious point...wouldn't be the first time.