Saturday, August 06, 2005

Another "spot the errors" article

Okay, let's call it a contest, but this time no way can I judge it (or give a prize for the winner, for that matter.)

But sheeesh!!!!

This piece has my head spinning.

Once again, we've got a Catholic, Senator Joe Biden, (who -- surprise! -- might run for the Big Spot) using his Catholicism to drag in the "separation of church and state" myth.

On the "intelligent design" stuff, I do hope that Father Bob Carr weighs in...for reasons pretty obvious when you visit his site. (Look at his book on the sidebar.)

Thanks to reader Deborah (who wants no credit) for the tip. (By the way, she's got some pretty good observations regarding the article, which I hope she'll post here.)

To get you started, let's begin with the end. Biden (evidently highly educated in the Norbertine tradition) says:

"When Jesus met Mary Magdalene, he didn't stone her," he said. "He invited her to dinner."