Thursday, August 04, 2005

Galvin upset about cemeteries (Catholic ones, natch)

Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin has had some grave issues with the Archdiocese of Boston. (The story I'm linking to doesn't happen to mention that his parish got closed down.) The latest concerns are about, well, graves.

''The archdiocese has failed to keep its commitment, not only to the families, but to the deceased," Galvin said.

He got, apparently, a Boston Globe photographer to take pictures of two Catholic cemeteries. Several toppled headstones were discovered, along with some grass that hadn't been mown for awhile.

I've been, often, to at least one of the cemeteries Galvin's investigating and they're huge...and for the most part, beautiful. (I'm one of those nuts who likes cemeteries.)

Could be I'm all wet, but I'm thinking Galvin's digging, so to speak, into something that's a non issue.

But then, this is Boston.

For me, the most amazing thing about this story (and another one in the rival paper, The Boston Herald,) is that the words "sex," "abuse," or "scandal" don't appear.