Monday, August 22, 2005

Moses Update

At this writing, Moses and the Chosen Folk are still in Egypt. Wishful thinking on my part, I guess, but I'd hoped to have gotten them into the desert by the end of today's session. No dice.

Lemme give you an idea of the set up.

We all meet at around 9:00 AM. Opening prayers confer blessings, songs confer enthusiasm. Then I get my hour to spiel. (That would be an hour in psychiatrist's terms: read about 40 minutes.)

I'm convinced that the reason Moses et al are still in Egypt has much to do with the kids' fascination with his survival as an infant. Flabbergasted were they to learn that Hebrew boy-kids were, by law, killed at birth. Okay, the boys were perhaps a tad more chagrined than their female counterparts, but all were pretty ticked off...and delighted by how Moses' mom and sister saved his tush and got him into the palace to boot. Anyway, that delayed things, but that's was a good pro-life moment. (Hey, I happened to overhear a bit of talk about "designer babies.")

When my time's up, the kids break up into smaller groups, mostly according to age, and are taught by the catechists. After sneaking out to gulp some coffee, I sorta float around, eavesdropping on -- no, wait, wrong word, make that observing the progress of -- the small classes.

After recess -- a favorite time for all, including yours truly -- the classes resume for maybe a half an hour or so. Then we all get together and each class shows off -- nope, wrong word again, let's make that share -- what they've learned. Final prayers, a blessing from a parish priest, and that's it for the day.

Tomorrow, God willing, God will let His people go. 'Course, we've got the plagues to get through -- one little fellow informed me, quite firmly I thought, that he was especially looking foward to the frogs -- then Passover, the final plague, and at least we should be halfway through the Red Sea before long.

Prayers are deeply appreciated!