Saturday, September 17, 2005

Can't you just send a check?

Call me cynical...

("you're a cynic, Kelly")

...but, by and large, I've often felt that people who "walk" for causes or wear "ribbons" for causes are pretty much saying to the world:

I Care More Than You Do.

Hey, I could be wrong. But consider this.

In the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan (my home state), Catholics are asked not to participate in this year's "CROP" walk. Why?

Because the event organizer, Church World Service, spends a portion of its money on condoms to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa.

"We don't think Catholics should be entangled with organizations that support activities contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church,'' said diocese spokesman Michael Diebold.

Makes sense to me.

So does this:

"The church has a clear position,'' said the Rev. Brendan Walsh, pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dexter. Artificial contraception "is against the natural order of how God intended man and woman to procreate,'' he said. "It's putting hand of man where hand of God belongs.''

However, this doesn't:

Still, Walsh said, his parish will participate in the walk and designate the donations for Catholic Relief Services, a charity arm of the Catholic Church that organizes disaster aid around the world.

Again...can't they just get together and send a bleepin' check?