Monday, September 05, 2005

Red Cross. Other options.

I'm not always sure what's right. But I've got a pretty good idea if something's wrong.

In the days following Katrina, CNN and other mainstream media are directing us to donate to the American Red Cross. That's fine...and if it were the only avenue available to us, that would be more than fine, it would be pretty much mandatory to anyone with a conscience.

Just one problem is this...

Again, if the only avenue of aid was the Red Cross, I wouldn't even post this. The Red Cross has been, in its 200+ year history, an amazing organization. Founded by Clara Barton, the Red Cross has aided literally millions of people in an incredible number of ways -- from collecting needed blood to helping victims of disasters both natural and man-made...the list goes on.

Thankfully, there are, if you prefer, other ways to give your money to help Katrina's victims. I've posted -- or rather the Summa Mamas and others have posted -- a variety of worthy groups dedicated (as I'm sure the Red Cross is!) to helping folks cope with this disaster.

So I figured I'd let you know. On the one hand I feel rather squirmy in doing this. On the other hand I don't know what else I could have done. On the third hand (yeah, yeah, I know I'm only allowed two) I wish I hadn't heard about this.

Hey, I'm human!

(Thanks -- I think! -- to Jeanne for the head's up.)