Monday, October 03, 2005

And speaking o' neighbors...

Good news!

Some enterprising folks called "Know Thy Neighbor" have created a wonderful opportunity to easily go public in your recognition of the difference between right and wrong.

All you have to do is sign a petition, asking for the right to VOTE on defining "Marriage" in Massachusetts.* That's it! "Know Thy Neighbor" will take it from there!

When you sign the petition, guess what? The good folk at "Know Thy Neighbor" will obligingly publish your name and address on its website! FREE!

How's that for service?

But wait...there's more!

Would you like to know who, in your very own town, has or has not signed the petition? No need to wander over to the attorney general's office and paw through need to even visit the AG's website and download endless files. No, indeed! Thanks to our neighborly "Know Thy Neighbor" friends, you can be notified by email when any of your neighbors signs the petition!

What can be easier? And remember...this service is FREE OF CHARGE!

So don't delay!

Visit the "Know Thy Neighbor" website today! Or write:

"Know Thy Neighbor." Identifying witnesses to the signature at a time.

The Fine Print

*Available only (at this point) to citizens of Massachusetts...sorry, you other 49! And yes, it's understood that the dictionary and history have already defined "marriage," but you see, this is Massachusetts, and we have some non-elected judges who sorta want to rewrite the dictionary, to say nothing of history, and so there you are.