Saturday, October 22, 2005

"Catholic Charities" chooses Caesar over Christ

The Boston Globe gleefully reports that Catholic Charities, Boston, pretty much trashes Church teaching on homosexual activity by adopting out 13 foster children over the past 10 years...because the state's Department of Social Services said it had to.

This broke my heart:

The children placed with the gay couples are among those most difficult to place, either because they have physical or emotional problems or they are older.

This is "charity?"

In a typical display of missing the point, Prominent Catholic[TM] and Catholic Charities board chairman Peter Meade weighs in:

Peter Meade, who is chairman of the board, said he believes that the agency should welcome same-sex couples to adopt, and not just because of a contractual requirement with DSS.

''What we do is facilitate adoptions to loving couples," he said. ''I see no evidence that any child is being harmed."

I see no evidence why Peter Meade shouldn't be relieved of his duties immediately.

Source: The Boston Globe