Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dom disarms The Boston Globe...brilliantly

Today's front page in The Boston Globe featured a made-up story. But, like so many made-up stories, a cursory reading of it can lure one into believing it to be truth.

Domenico Bettinelli is no cursory reader. In quite a remarkable piece, he not only exposes the untruths this representative of the Fourth Estate espouses...he disarms the representative completely.

What we have is the Boston Globe trying to make something out of nothing. Look at this criticism. They say that priests are being subject to an “unprecedented level of scrutiny.” And that is? “The archdiocese has recently begun conducting more regular and, in some cases, unscheduled financial audits of parishes.” You’re kidding! How dare the archdiocese, which has itself been beset by financial scandals, resolve to clean up its act and make that money donated to the Church is used properly. Horrors! The fiends!

Read, if you get the chance, both the Globe story (and when I say "story" I mean it in the second dictionary definition of the term) and Dom's critique.