Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pro-life mom has "history of complaints"

A Planned Parenthood escort who also taught at a Catholic prep school in Sacramento recently got canned by Bishop William Weigand. Sadly...this is news. It should be business as usual, but there you are.

"I am directing you, under the provisions of Code of Canon Law ... to dismiss Ms. Bain with all deliberate speed." The letter also states that the termination should be handled with "dignity, sensitivity and appropriate decorum."

What is business as usual...

The media is blaming the mom who blew the whistle on the teacher. She has "a history of complaints."

I could only find one other incidence of this woman's "history" of complaints. Seems the woman dared to gripe about a brochure listing Planned Parenthood as "go-to" agency for domestic violence concerns. Indeed.

An interesting thing:

Her daughter's a blogger.

If nothing else, you've gotta see how Halo Scan can handle multi-hundreds of comments!

I wouldn't bother reading them all unless you've got a few days with nothing to do staring you in the face.

But I do wish you'd stop by 15-year-old Katelyn Sills' blog: Stand Up and Speak Out, and at least scan the last three or so posts. And check out at least some of the comments this kid -- no, not kid, -- sensible young woman -- has had to put up with.

God bless you, Katelyn.