Tuesday, October 11, 2005

St. Albert the Great lector in a public snit over "anti-gay" amendment

In today's Patriot Ledger, St. Albert the Great parishioner Anne-Marie McCarthy huffs and puffs:

I was very upset with the reading of the archbishop’s letter concerning the anti-gay [sic] marriage proposal during Masses last weekend, and, as a lector at St. Albert the Great Parish, would have refused to read it from the altar.

Odd...I wouldn't have expected any lay person to read anything "from the altar." The lady might've meant "lectern" or "ambo." Still, would a lay lector be asked to read a letter from the Archbishop? Doubtful.

Of course, Saint Albert the Great parish has been in the news before. Its claim to infamy is throwing a hissy-fit over the parish's closing, and the loss of its former pastor, Father "We've Outgrown Hell" Ron Coyne, staging a "hey media look at us `sit-in'" for months, and abusing the Blessed Sacrament.

For all of this they were rewarded by the Archdiocese...the parish was allowed to remain open. The parishioners' response was to stamp its collective feet because they wanted their old pastor back.

Unless Ms. Anne-Marie-the-Lector-McCarthy is the exception, the parish, evidently, is still stamping its collective feet.

Somebody — like maybe the pastor, Rev. Laurence J. Borges — outta sit the irate lady down and explain the facts of life to her. Assuming, of course, she's finished taking her grand dame kudos for her "brave stance."

Source: The Patriot Ledger, Copyright 2005, October 11, 2005