Friday, November 18, 2005

Confiteor Meme

Domenico, Domenico! The man hath taggeth me with a meme entitled:

::::::::: drum roll ::::::::::::

"I Confess"

I suspect it's a conspiracy to find out why I don't have anything on my blog entitled "What I'm Reading Now," so okay, BettNet Boy, here ya go:

I confess that What I'm Reading Now is an autobiography of Esther Williams, the old time swimming movie star. And that I'm hooked on Agatha Christie mysteries. And Sue Grafton novels.

I confess that I'm a strong adherent of "meatless Fridays." I confess that I took up this cause when I discovered lobster.

I confess that I laughed my tush off when, on April 19, 2005 (my birthday!), I beheld the tragic-looking faces of some of my friends when Cardinal Ratzinger got the Big Job.

I confess that, often, when I'm skimming through Amy's "Open Book" blog, I scroll down to the last few comments...who on earth can read every single one???

I confess that when I open a newspaper, my first stop is the comics section. Generally, it's also my last stop. (Unless you count the editorial page of The Boston Globe...which I consider to be an extension of the comics section.)

I confess that I make crossword puzzles for the New York Times and other lib pubs. (I also confess that I am unable to solve any crossword puzzle without cheating. And that I actually subscribe to a mailing list called "Cruciverb-L" which is primarily for nerdy people like me who make crossword puzzles.)

I confess that, when giving tours of my parish church (which is a Cathedral) I sometimes make eerie sounding noises when we get to the crypt.

I confess to thoroughly enjoying "The Simpsons."

I confess to — often! — starting the sing the Agnus Dei at daily Mass, solely in order to avoid having my hand pumped during the "Kiss of Peace."

(Okay, one time I happened to be sitting next to a good looking guy and forgot all about starting the Agnus Dei. I confess.)

I confess that often, while taking my morning shower, I break into a Dolly Parton rendition of "Nine to Five." (I also confess that I will never give Dolly Parton any sleepless nights.)

I confess that my work often requires me to convince people to buy stuff they really don't need. (I'm in advertising.)

Finally, I confess that I have no idea how to create a comment box hyper link on Dom's blog or anybody else's and that I am consumed with jealousy for those with the ability to do so!

Having confessed, I happily tag Melanie Bettinelli and Jeff Miller. Enjoy!