Monday, November 28, 2005

Prayer Opportunities: What are yours?

If you're like me — (and I sincerely hope you're not!) — you might find it hard to follow a prescribed prayer life.

For example: do you pray, regularly, the Liturgy of the Hours? I don't. If you do, then don't tell me because I'll have to go to confession and pray for forgiveness for my jealousy.

(Okay, if you do, then do tell me. I'll get over it.)

But you know? I've discovered — probably not I've discovered, but God showed me — a pretty nifty way to "pray without ceasing" as Saint Paul told us to do.

It has to do with everyday life.

Yes! Here's a secret that shouldn't be a secret (and probably isn't a secret to you and all, but it may be a secret to somebody you know) to praying pretty much all the time.

God gives us reminders.

I live around the corner from a funeral parlor. I live in Boston, which means I pass by cemeteries — old and not so old — every day. These are reminders for me. Every time I pass one, funeral parlor or cemetary — I'm reminded to pray for the dead. It's a no-brainer!

I pass by hospitals a lot. A zillion times, while tromping around the city, an ambulance passes me by. These are reminders to pray for the sick.

Often I see a police car, either with siren on or just passing by. Aha! A reminder to pray for at least two groups of folks: those who put their lives on the line, daily, to protect us...and those who we need protection from.

These are just a few reminders to pray. Can you think of others? Let us know!