Monday, December 05, 2005

Filling Mary's Basket

I went to Confession today and got a surprise.

After confessing my sins, I told the priest: "I want to make a good Advent."
And this 80+ priest gave me a good suggestion. He called it:"Filling Mary's Basket."

Here's the point. As you all know, Advent is a time for preparation and repentance. Father V remembered from his childhood (he's about as young as an 80-year-old can be) "filling Mary's basket." Picture yourself helping Mary on her way to Bethlehem. No time to pack a bunch of stuff...and no stuff to pack anyway!

But fill a useful basket for her to take.

It can't be really big, because, practically speaking, she and Joseph don't actually have an SUV to carry stuff in.
Fill it instead with stuff that will please both Our Lady, her husband...and most importantly, her Son! Write it down, said my confessor!

What can you pack up for Mary as she's on her way to Bethlehem?

A vow to avoid altogether those near occasions of sin?
A plan to pray the Angelus every day? How about a promise to never gossip about another? The gifts we can put in our "Basket to Bethlehem" are endless. And fun!

Let's have some fun and give Our Lady a "Savior Shower."

Let's fill up a basket and give it to her. Ask your guardian angel for ideas...and share them with us!