Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sexual abstinence among youth: a "controversial" notion

Ya gotta love The Boston Globe.

Who else would label the simple advice of abstaining a "controversial method of teaching Bay State teenagers about sex"?

The proposal by the state Department of Health, quietly posted on its website earlier this month, would add an abstinence education program for 12-to-14-year-olds in an unspecified number of schools.

Egads! No wonder the Department of Health "quietly" posted this controversial plan! Why it's positively...radical!!!

More breaking news from Governor Romney's spokesman:

"'No one will disagree that there are other ways to prevent teen pregnancy, but the only method that comes with a foolproof guarantee is abstinence,' he said. ''

Now there's a revelation for you.

Gee, is there a chance, then, that abstinence prevents...Syphilis? Gonorrhea? AIDS?

I tell you, people: this is big news...very, very, BIG news indeed. It could change the world!

Sex education and government. Taking a back seat to common sense, one paragraph at a time.