Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Voice of the Faithful [TM] Misses the Point. Again!


Less than a month ago, disgruntled friends of ousted priest Father Walter Cuenin graced my parish church with their presence.

Now it appears that this Sunday their compatriots are following suit.

That's right, friends:

Voice of the Faithful [TM] is in a snit over the recent "instruction" from the Vatican regarding homosexuality in seminaries. And if you live in Boston, Fall River, Springfield, LA, Chicago, or Philadelphia, you can look forward to green-ribbon-bedecked protestors a'knocking at your door, this weekend.

Here's the email: (thanks to a friend...trust me on this one, I don't subscribe)

We invite you on the weekend of December 10-11 to join in a national action to demonstrate the following:

* your conviction that a vocation to the priesthood is not and should not be restricted by one’s sexuality;

* your belief that excluding homosexuals from the priesthood is not a solution to the clergy sexual abuse crisis;

* and your support of Voice of the Faithful’s second goal – to support priests of integrity.

What can you do? Voice of the Faithful’s National Office invites you on Saturday and Sunday of December 10-11 to

* wear a green ribbon visibly displayed at the Mass you attend;

* forward this email to as many Catholics – and non Catholics – as you know, and ask them to wear a green ribbon that weekend to show their support;

* and, if you live in or near the following cities, join us on Sunday, December 11 for a prayerful candlelight vigil at the following locations to show your support for our priests. (Please bring a candle or small flash light.)

CA Los Angeles Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, 555 W Temple St. 6:00 PM

IL Chicago Chancery Office, 155 E. Superior St. 7:00 PM

MA Boston Cathedral of the Holy Cross, 1400 Washington St. 7:00 PM
Fall River Chancery Office, 423 Highland Ave. 3:00 PM
Springfield St. Michael’s Cathedral, Eliot St. 7:00 PM

PA - Philadelphia Cathedral of Sts. Peter & Paul, 18th & Parkway 7:00 PM

As many Catholics have been aware since January 2002, our good priests have been under siege. In February of that year our fledgling organization pledged our support for those “priests of integrity” – we knew our servant leaders by their pastoral presence in our lives. We know them still.

The support of Voice of the Faithful for priests of integrity comes with no “asterisk” – in the wake of the recently released Vatican document on homosexuality in US seminaries, it is time to be demonstrable in that support. We invite you to join a National gesture of our conviction that a vocation to the priesthood is not and should not be restricted by one’s sexuality. As was quoted in the Tablet by Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, “We should be more attentive to whom our seminarians may be inclined to hate than whom they love. Racialism, misogyny and homophobia would all be signs that someone could not be a good model of Christ.”

We are told in Acts that the early Christian community was recognized when observers would say of them, “See how they love one another.” What better time to live that message?

We urge you to share this email with family and friends. The National VOTF office will follow up with a reminder later in the week.

I can hardly wait. At least, this time (one hopes) they won't disrupt the Mass. And...uh...I think I'm busy on December 10 and 11 at 7:00 PM. So folks? All I ask is that you place your Dunkin' Donuts trash in the receptacles provided, and don't leave your green ribbons behind. Tie 'em on your Christmas — excuse me, "holiday" — trees instead.

For more Voice of the Fuddled interpretation on the Vatican document, check this guy out.

Maybe somebody can explain to him the difference between celibacy and chastity.

Or even better? To the whole group the difference between fidelity and apostasy.