Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Fishers of Men"

"You have to be a real man to become a priest."

I was asked to view a trailer of a documentary on the priesthood, produced by Brooklyn-based production company Grassroots Films.

Having seen it, I'm grateful to the company for the request.

I hope the U.S. Bishops Committee on Vocations, which commissioned the film, succeeds in getting the finished product into the view of every priest in this country.

Please take a moment to see "Fishers of Men." While you're at the site, treat yourself to other trailers, including "God in the Streets of New York," and "Cross Culture."

If you poke around the website, as I did, you'll find other projects worth a look-see, including one called "Good Friday," in which the viewer joins Father Benedict Groeschel in following Christ's journey to the Cross.

Go here, click on "enter," and then click on the "Fishers of Men" icon.