Sunday, January 22, 2006

Heresy. You know, it don't come easy.

It's often bugged the living bleep out of me when I hear or read folks bandy about the words "heretic" and "schismatic" willy-nilly -- and interchangeably! They are not the same.

Moreover, they're not common labels to be thrown around, even (gasp) with people we can't help but actively disapprove of. It's not easy to become a heretic.

You, no doubt, and I, I'm certain, have never met a genuine heretic.

But once in a while, someone comes around to emulate Arian.

Please pray that Ned Reidy turns it around and comes back.

N.B. Go on and on about Jeanne d'Arc and Galileo Galilei all you want...but get the facts straight, please.