Saturday, February 18, 2006

And don't tell me Jesus was a "nice guy," sheesh

If you're like me...then quick, for Heaven's sake, light a candle and pray!!!!!

Ahem. Sorry. Reflex reaction.

Anyway, if you've had the same experiences that I've had, then you've heard non-Christians — atheists, agnostics, wiccans (whatever they are), nation of Islam folk (I never know whether "Muslim" or "Moslem" is P.C. so I use that phrase), and Jews, tell you, in one form or another:

"Jesus of Nazareth was an important figure in history. He did much good. He is to be admired as a proponent of peace and justice. He was a nice guy."

They generally fall short of suggesting a stamp be issued in Jesus' name, but you can tell they're itching to do so.

Such remarks are balderdash. Tomorrow's Gospel (Mark 2:1-12) proves their folly.

"Child, your sins are forgiven."

That's what he said, folks. "Your sins are forgiven."

Now you know and I know that only God can forgive sins. (So did the scribes in the Gospel reading. So — if you're an honest and learned atheist — know this, if only in theory.)

So. Given this, Jesus was:

1.) Stark raving mad, or...
2.) A blasphemer and/or a first-class con artist, or...
3.) God

Forget the miracles that preceded or followed His self-proclaimed ability to forgive sins. Just concentrate on what He said. "Your sins are forgiven."

So please. Either Jesus was a nut, a jerk, a creep, a liar...or was and is and always will be God.

If, as a man on earth, he happened to do "nice" things...that's nice.

But hardly the point.