Friday, February 24, 2006

Bishop Richard G. Lennon: You bet he works here!

The trouble with Brian...and the Globe.

First, a word about Lennon: trouble. It seems like whenever anything goes awry in the archdiocese, Lennon's hand can usually be felt, whether in the removal of a popular parish priest in Newton for reasons that are dubious at best or the lockout of kids at a parochial school in Brighton for no apparent reason at all.
— Brian McGrory, Boston Globe

First two words about Bishop Richard G. Lennon: holiness and testosterone. (Okay, he can't sing...but he once organized a choir!)
— Kelly Clark, nobody lady in the pew

You can read the tripe that the Boston Globe published on Friday, February 24...and let your heart strings get tugged. You can read, with a bit more clarity, Dom's take on the latest attempt to demonize Bishop Lennon.

You can also read what I've got to say. I'll be brief.

Bishop Richard G. Lennon is a servant of God.

On Friday, December 13, 2002, Bernard Cardinal Law left the Archdiocese. Some downed champagne. Others cried. Two men came to grips.

John Paul II and the newly ordained bishop, Richard G. Lennon.

On Sunday, December 15, 2002, Archbishop Richard G. Lennon took over a bleeding diocese...and the tourniquet he strongly, lovingly, and manfully applied worked.

The Apostolic Administrator (what a title!) did his job ably and well.

And he's still a shepherd, waiting in the wings, ready to fight for the right of every bleeping sheep here to claim and cultivate holiness.

I said I'd be brief, and I will be. There's no need for me to enumerate the Bishop's unselfish gifts to this Archdiocese (although there's nothing to stop you from doing so.)

Thank God for giving us Bishop Richard G. Lennon.

We needed him then.

We need him now.

You know why? Because, dammit, he works here!