Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bullies for you: Father Chris Coyne leaves Our Lady Help of Christians

"There's a lot of good people at Our Lady's, and I will miss them very much," the Rev. Christopher J. Coyne said in an interview at Our Lady Help of Christians last night, after he had informed members of the parish council of his decision. "Unfortunately, there was a small minority that made it difficult for me to continue here, so I asked the archbishop for a transfer, and he accepted."

This line cracked me up, despite the sadness of the whole mess:

Parish council members, following a policy of not publicly commenting on their meetings, declined to comment last night on Coyne's transfer.

No kidding? What about all that "transparency" these folks have been screaming for?

The reporters' spin is also amusing.

Coyne is, right off the bat, identified as "the former spokesman for Cardinal Bernard F. Law." Wrong. He acted as one spokesman for the Archdiocese, (Donna Morrissey held the main job), and then only briefly.

This poor soul was not as reticent as the parish council members:

''We had recognized from the very beginning that he's been in a very difficult position," said Dan Foley, a spokesman for Our Lady's Friends, a group formed initially to seek the reinstatement of the Rev. Walter H. Cuenin. Some of the group's members had called for Coyne's resignation.

"Initially" formed? According to the group's website, that's still its mission.

And now for a bit of condescension...and amazing chutzpah:

''There are a lot of really good things we see in Father Coyne, and we hope he'll be transferred to a parish in line with his skills," Foley said. ''The other side of that is we hope that the next person assigned to Our Lady's is in line with the direction the parish has been heading for 10 or 12 years."

Remember Eddie Haskell of the old "Leave it to Beaver" show? This guy makes Eddie look like a mensch.