Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Haleigh Poutre: "errors"

The story uses words like "errors" and "mistakes." How about "crimes?"
BOSTON (AP) — An alarming string of mistakes by state agencies and medical professionals contributed to the poor care given to a 12-year-old girl before and after a beating that left her severely brain-damaged, a panel appointed by the governor reported Tuesday.
"Alarming." Yes, I suppose you could use the word. There was another murder reported in a nearby neighborhood a few days ago and I believe the police commissioner used the word "alarming" when speaking about the killing trend.
Massachusetts Social Services Commissioner Harry Spence has said his agency was aware that Haleigh had been suffering serious injuries over the past few years, but he said social workers and Haleigh's doctors believed the girl was hurting herself.
This is a tough one to wrap my brain around...but then, I possess neither the credentials of a social worker or a medical doctor.

In any case, they decided to kill the girl.
In January, state social service authorities won a ruling from Massachusetts' highest court allowing them to remove Haleigh from life support after doctors said she was in a vegetative state with no hope of recovery.
God saved her life.
But before life support could be removed, she suddenly began breathing on her own and responding to questions.

She has since been moved to a rehabilitation center.

(Where she's showing marked signs of improvement, by the way.)

Governor Romney appointed a "panel" to look into Haleigh's "case."

(I'm sorry, but I really hate when the
lives of human beings are called "cases.")
"As the Haleigh Poutre case demonstrates, errors in human judgment occur. What is unusual is how many people involved in Haleigh's care — medical professionals, case workers and administrators from many disciplines — made errors," Romney said in a statement.
I guess we have to take his word for it...that all these "errors" are "unusual."

But remember...they tried to KILL her.

'Course, that's been addressed by the "panel:"

The panel also said a new process should be created for deciding when someone in state care is taken off of life support.

Ya think???

Let's review.

A group of educated "professionals" decide that a 12-year-old child was capable of inflicting horrific damage upon herself. Then — with the willing cooperation of the state Supreme Court (those wonderful folks who brought us same-sex "marriage, by the way) — they decide to kill her.

It recommended that the Social Services Department get a second opinion from a physicianoutside the institution where the patient is being treated before any decision is made on withholding life-sustaining treatment.

It is recommended by the lady in the pew that the Social Services Department and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court be charged with attempted murder.

Story source: AP