Monday, March 06, 2006

"Using contraception is like telling God not to show up"

In the comments box below, (in the thread entitled "Liberal Catholics:" Don't leave. BELIEVE!) a poster calling himself "Still Waiting" challenges the Church — if I understand him correctly — on avoiding the entire issue of artificial contraception. In fact, he posited:

"...I believe it is far more destructive and entrenched than homosexuality or abortion."

I'm truly not sure about the "more destructive" part, but I'm thinking he's right about the "more entrenched" part.

Since I've been a widow for 20 years...

...I'm rather ashamed to admit that I haven't really thought, one way or another, about artificial contraception. I haven't paid attention —

Wait a sec! Something's wrong here.

I'm a heterosexual, but that hasn't stopped me from hearing, and talking about, the horrible glorification of active homosexual activity.

I haven't been faced in the last zillion years with the prospect of an unwanted pregnancy, but that hasn't stopped me from hearing, and talking about, the horror of abortion.

What's going on?

Contraception — the deliberate interference with God's plan of Creation — isn't a "hot button issue" these days. At least, I haven't heard much about it...not from the pulpit, not from the media (mainstream or otherwise). I mean, a long time ago I read Humanae Vitae, figured I understood it, and then allowed it to fade from my mind.

What do you think?

I found an informative article — probably one of many — on contraception and Church teaching. It's an eye opener, at least it is to me.

My question is this: have I just been not paying attention or has the whole notion of contraception been placed on the Catholic Back Burner?