Monday, March 27, 2006

"Voice of the Faithful[TM]" doesn't want to change doctrine. (And I'm the Queen of England.)

Reporting from Rome, Boston's CBS4 correspondent Lisa Hughes evidently thinks the big story is..."Voice of the Faithful." (Couldn't the station have saved a few bucks on her airfare and other travel expenses?)

Hughes takes great pains to assure us that the dissident group members don't question Church doctrine, "but rather the culture of the Church."

Couple of snippets from the interviews:

"I always thought that priests would be more understanding to families if they are allowed to marry themselves."


"I think their ideas particularly about gay adoption, things like that, are completely antiquated."

But remember...they don't want to change Church doctrine.

Check out the text — and don't forget to play the story on the right hand side of the page (the one with the picture of the white-haired lady — here.