Friday, April 21, 2006

Boston archdiocese initiates "conversation" with the Boston Globe

It made the front page.

The conversation, which was initiated by the archdiocese in an effort to improve communications with the general public through the news media, marked the first time a Catholic archbishop has visited the Globe since 1997. O'Malley said he saw such outreach as part of his job as archbishop of Boston, a post he has held since the summer of 2003.

''I think that a newspaper has a very special responsibility and an opportunity to help build community and to bring people together, to inform them, mostly to encourage positive initiatives," O'Malley said. ''And so, we do want to be in communication with the Globe and the rest of the Boston media."

I wonder when the Boston Herald gets its chance.

"It is challenging [said the Cardinal] to teach in this environment, but this is a very important environment for the church to be involved in teaching in. Here we have so many intellectual centers, this is the Athens of the West, and they say that St. Paul's most eloquent sermon was given in Athens and it's the one that had the least impact," he said, chuckling.

I wish I felt like laughing.

I wish, really, I knew what to make of this performance. I read the transcript, several times, and still don't quite get it. That, I'm more than ready to admit, has more to do with my ignorance than anything else. Feel free to's the transcript.

More imporant? Feel free to pray!