Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Breaking news: God is "nonjudgmental"

I can't imagine what South African Bishop Kevin Dowling must go through in ministering to a population rife with AIDS sufferers.

However, I also can't imagine where he's coming from with this statement regarding his notion of a change of the Church's teaching on the use of condoms. (Which are contraceptives. Which prevent conception. Which interfere with LIFE.)

"You should come up with a position which makes sense and which is in sync with the values we espouse, a nonjudgmental God and the infinite worth of a human being," Dowling said. "Moral injunctions do not help people. I think all this calls for a rethink and the acceptance of an authentic pro-life stance. The issue becomes: How do you protect life in this pandemic?"

:::::::waving hand wildly:::::::::

I know! How about...abstinence?

More on that in a sec.

My question is, where does Bishop Dowling get the idea that God is "nonjudgmental?" A seductive thought, but not true. At least, the last time I recited the Apostles' Creed — that would be today — I could swear I heard others, not just me, confess:

"He ascended into Heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead."

Moral injunctions do not help people? Odd. I somehow thought the commandments handed down to us by God through Moses were moral injunctions designed by our Creator people.

Oh yeah. About abstinence.

Bishop Dowling:

"Abstinence is fine as an ideal, but it does not work in all circumstances," he added. "We have to try a more holistic approach, a theology and possibility for people to encounter God right within their situation."

Fancy that. Abstinence doesn't work in all circumstances! The sheep shouldn't be called upon to lead the shepherd, but this lamb has a bit of news for the bishop:

Abstinence works just fine in preventing AIDS, aside from the non-sexual transmission of the virus, e.g., tainted blood transfusions. And in the latter case, I'm afraid a condom wouldn't do much good.

Please pray for those people and their families suffering from this hideous disease...and for no doubt well-intentioned but severely misguided bishops.

Source: The Washington Post