Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Fishers of Men:" the perfect Easter gift for a priest

I watched, again, the film "Fishers of Men," appropriately enough today, the anniversary of the first ordination...the first Eucharist.

Once again, I was astounded and moved by this salute to one of the most precious of all God's gifts — that of the priesthood. Only seventeen and a half minutes long, the impression it makes is timeless.

No spoilers, but some quotes:

"It's the priest who brings the soul home to God."

"It's not natural to be a priest. It's supernatural!"

"Every priest gives his priesthood — and his victimhood — to the Blessed Mother."

"You have to be a real man to become a priest."

The message is clear. The message must get out.

But how? So many of us are in parish situations that have become so feminized that even a powerful tool like "Fishers of Men" seems destined to remain in its DVD case. Who should see this film, experience this film?

The producer offered an idea:

"Show it to any priest you can."

He continued: "It is our hope and objective that it will renew his priesthood, as well as motivate other young men to consider the call."

Here's what I'm asking you to do:

Buy "Fishers of Men." Watch it. (You deserve're paying for it!) Then, give it to a priest.

And pray. Pray for the priest you give it to. Pray for young men to answer the call.

And pray that current and future priests receive the grace to shepherd as Jesus did.

The Catholic priest gives up his life for Christ, in Persona Christi. And, as one priest warmly testified: "It's worth it all!"

It's certainly worth twenty bucks. Go here for the trailer and for purchasing information.

Thank you!