Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Papa!

"Take away the Pope and the Catholic Church would no longer be catholic. Moreover, without the supreme, effective and authoritative pastoral office of Peter the unity of Christ's Church would collapse. It would be vain to look for other principles of unity in place of the true one established by Christ Himself...We would add that this cardinal principle of holy Church is not a supremacy of spiritual pride and a desire to dominate mankind, but a primacy of service, ministration and love. It is no vapid rhetoric which confers on Christ's vicar the title `Servant of the servants of God.'"
Pope Paul VI, "Ecclesiam Suam"

The above, to me, quite aptly applies to the papacy of our Holy Father, Benedict XVI.

It's been a year! Do you remember what you were doing when the shout "Habemus Papam!" rang out?