Sunday, May 28, 2006

He died with his men: Sainthood cause begins for "The Grunt Padre"

On May 21 in Washington, the cause for canonization of Father Vincent Capodanno, who died heroically in Vietnam on September 4, 1967, was officially opened.

"Stay calm, Marine...God is with us all today."

Ray Harton remembers the September day when Father Capodanno, a military chaplain, reassured the wounded Marine. The chaplain had been seriously wounded himself.

“Just by him touching me, I believe that really had something to do with me still being here. I do believe that the second Father Capodanno leaned over and touched me, that was God touching me through him,” he said. “When he said ‘Stay calm, someone would be there to help and God is with all of us there that day,’ I believe he was – through Father Capodanno.”

Minutes later, Father Capodanno was called to minister to another fallen soldier. Machine gun fire killed them both.

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Father Capodanno, Servant of God, pray for us.