Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fluffernutter friends fight foes!

This just in.

The determination of Massachusetts state senator Jarrett Barrios (and, one presumes, that of his spouse, Doug Hattaway) to legislate the definition of "sandwich" is not going unopposed.

The wording of the legislation is still sketchy at this point.

But it goes something like this:

"Be it resolved that the term `sandwich' will be defined as the union of whole wheat bread, and a vegetable or multiple vegetables, according to the conscience of the sandwich maker. In rare cases, and only with judicial approval, will the addition of [shudder] meat AND/OR peanut butter be allowed. Under no circumstances will any substance bearing any resemblance to `marshmellow' be allowed in the sandwiches of the Commonwealth.

"Furthermore, any such union not conforming to the above stipulations will not be recognized as 'sandwiches' in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

Rep. Kathi-Anne Reinstein, D-Revere, fights back.

The day after Barrios announced his amendment, Reinstein fired off an e-mail announcing her own legislation designating the Fluffernutter the "official sandwich of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

More on this landmark legislative battle as it develops.