Monday, July 17, 2006

Her name is Rita...and she's in Beirut

A few months ago, a lady I know told me that her son had just left for Iraq. Immediately I promised to pray for him — his name is Christophe — but she had other ideas.

"You pray for my son, you pray for everybody involved in this war, in all wars, on any side."

I took her up on it.

Now I know how much better a person she is than I am.

In June, my friend Rita returned home to Beirut for a three-month stay with her family prior to joining a cloistered order here in the States. We exchanged email. Hers was filled with prayers for me, our fellow parishioners, mutual friends, you name him or her, Rita prayed (prays?) for him or her.

Then the bombing started.

Soon as I heard about it, I emailed Rita and, thank God, she wrote back. The bombing was very near, she reported. And then proceeded to inquire about friends we'd been praying for.

The last email I received from Rita arrived this past Saturday morning. I haven't heard anything since.

Yes, I do ask you to pray for Rita and her family.

But, like Christophe's mom, I'm asking you to pray for "everybody involved in this war, in all wars, on any side."

Frankly, it's not my nature to be so un-self-centered. My inclination is to scream FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE PRAY FOR MY FRIEND RITA NOW AND KEEP AT IT!!!

But that's not Rita's way. Nor is it Christophe's mom's way. Both of them have told me, over and over...pray that God's will be done.

I'd like very much to emulate them both.

Please pray that I do.

And...please pray.

Thank you.

Update: I heard from Rita today. She's praying for you. Please continue the prayers.