Monday, July 10, 2006

Misleading "leaders"

About 165 self-ordained "leaders" got together and ran a full-page ad in the Boston Globe today.

"The Massachusetts Constitution, the nation's first and oldest, has stood as a beacon for fair and equal treatment under the law for every citizen. I believe we should not write discrimination into the Constitution, and I oppose efforts to amend the Constitution that would take away rights, including the right of gay and lesbian citizens to marry. I urge the Legislature to reject the proposed constitutional amendment and, instead, move on to other important issues like strengthening the economy, improving our schools and protecting our neighborhoods."

Odd...whatever amendment are these people talking about? I know of no amendment that would take away the rights of any citizen to marry, do you? In my state, anyone over the age of majority is free to marry. Yes, there is a proposed amendment defining "marriage" but it doesn't leave any human being out. Male. Female. Who isn't eligible to marry?

Another odd thing...if these people are "leaders," wouldn't it follow that "important issues like strengthening the economy, et al" would be in their bailwick?

Finally...outside of a few folks — like the mayor of Boston and the owner of the New England Patriots — I really don't recognize the majority of these names.

No doubt a huge misleaders.