Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Across the Pond: The Rocky Horror Creative Liturgy

Paulinus in the U.K. spoofs "Creative Liturgy." It's a hoot, but unfortunately so much of it sounds eerily familiar!

The non-hierarchical procession will process to the open access sanctuary with reverence. They may greet and hug ‘particular friends’ in the congregation on the way there. A Communion Table will be set with a rainbow cloth, abstract sculpture and multicoloured candles. Joss sticks may, or may not be used, as appropriate.

Leader (for it is she): In the name of the Mother, the Sibling and the Heavenly Dove from above.

People: Amen (or they might say “Yeah”, or “Right” or “Whatever”)

That's just the opening. Go read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Brendan in Eire.