Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Openly gay priest dropped from Catholic Relief Services"

WASHINGTON (CNS) – A top Catholic Relief Services official said CRS dropped a priest from an overseas program in which he was to be a volunteer AIDS worker in Lesotho because of controversy and high media attention surrounding him, not because he openly professes that he is gay.

Uh...what's wrong with this picture?

Well, a few things, in my opinion.

First, why wasn't Father Daley dropped because he "openly professes that he is `gay'?" Last I heard, active homosexuality -- which is what the term "gay" implies -- isn't exactly a quality to recommend one's self to any Catholic work...never mind the priesthood.

(Yes I know that he's said he's a "celibate gay"...confusing at best, an oxymoron at worst.)

Second, if you read the story carefully, Father Daley wasn't exactly told he was to work in Lesotho. He was still in a period of discernment. This isn't at all unusual before making such a commitment.

Two words: Shut. Up.

Had Father Daley kept his anti-Magisterium opinions, along with his sexual preferences, to himself, things may -- may -- have worked out a bit differently. Instead:

Since March 2004 Father Daley has publicly discussed his sexual orientation in interviews on National Public Radio, CNN and ABC's "Nightline," in The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, National Catholic Reporter and with other media.

And, according to CRS:

Father Daley also "was an activist and that he had been outspoken on issues surrounding (the Vatican statement about) homosexual men and the seminary."

As a publicly gay priest speaking on that issue, "he really caught the attention of the press and became sort of a sole spokesperson for this controversy" on many major news outlets, Wiest said. "He was very well-known" and had also become a subject of discussion in gay-oriented media and Catholic media.

Father Daley:

He said he understands the need for missionaries to be sensitive to the local church and culture. "I had no intention of going to Lesotho and bringing my issues and waving the gay flag," he said.

Well, yeah...but you already waved it here, Father. Please.

Please pray for this guy, along with the folks in Lesotho. Thanks!

Source: CNS, Catholic Online