Thursday, August 10, 2006

People are trying to kill us. Some libs think it's a FAIRY story.

Responding to today's Red Alert, the fantastically named "AMERICAblog" (ironically subtitled: "Because a great nation deserves the truth") thinks it all has to do with Lieberman's loss in Connecticut yesterday.)

Do I sound as if I don't believe this alert? Why, yes, that would be correct. I just don't believe it. Read the article. They say the plot had an "Al Qaeda footprint." Ooh, are you scared yet? What that really means is that they found NO evidence whatsoever that the plot had anything to do at all with Al Qaeda, but the plot simply made them think "gosh, this is something Al Qaeda would do." That's what a footprint means. Nice, but no cigar...

The guy goes on:

And isn't it queer that the emergency is declared within a day of Republican party leader Ken Mehlman launching an all-out offensive against Democrats following Joe Lieberman's loss in Connecticut, an offensive in which Mehlman, the White House and Republican operatives are claiming that Democrats no longer care about national security or the war on terror.

Professor Bainbridge calls this idiotic thinking "Bush hatred run amok."

It's a short step from that sort of thing to the fever swamp. Does anybody seriously doubt that this was a real terror plot? Does anybody really think the timing of the arrests by the UK police had anything to do with the Connecticut primary? Does anybody really think that a plot of this magnitude doesn't deserve an immediate (albeit hopefully temporary) increase in airplane security both at home and abroad until we make sure that all the plotters have been captured and that there were no plotters (or copycats) in the US? If so, such folks seriously need to get their meds checked.

The problem is, these folks aren't on meds...they're serious! Unbelievable.