Monday, November 06, 2006

Bishop Morlino outta have his own blog!

From Bishop Robert C. Morlino's latest "Open Letter to Wisconsin Residents:"

The truth about the human person revealed by reason alone should be supported by the state and in some instances by law. It is a fact that our state law currently recognizes the truth that marriage is between one husband and one wife. But it is also a fact that legislators and judges in other states, with similar laws, have taken it upon themselves to change the definition of marriage - which they have no right to do. Because it is defined by the natural law, no one, not the Church and not the State, has the right to redefine marriage as anything but one man and one woman, one lifetime, with openness to children. By adding the definition of marriage to our State Constitution, we can protect it from being illegitimately altered by judges or legislators.

And you've gotta read his homily at the Rite of Election last Lent. Talk about warning incoming Catholics about what they're in for...and with such joy and hope!

When you receive your Baptism, and your Confirmation, and your Eucharist, you're not being strengthened by the Holy Spirit for nothing, you're not being strengthened by the Holy Spirit for a cruise, as nice as that is. You're being strengthened by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the truth with love, the truth about God, the truth about the dignity of the human person, and in a very concrete way in our country and in our state in the coming months, the truth about marriage. Dear Lord, please give every one of us the grace to take up our mission, and if we get a bloody nose along the way, give us the grace to take it and keep smiling. Praised be Jesus Christ!

Makes me even happier to be a Roman Catholic...bloody noses and all. Do read this Bishop's stuff!