Friday, November 10, 2006

Cody update

Updated condition of Cody, whose aunt requested our prayers:

Dear Friends (some of whom I don't even know),

The outpouring of prayers has just been incredible.

I returned from Indiana this week and want to give you an update on Cody's progress and to ask for your continued prayer. Cody was in a drug induced coma for a full week to try to give his brain a chance to heal. On Monday, the 30th, he suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of the night, but was revived with CPR and the 'paddles'. He was taken off of the heavy sedation the next day and it took nearly a week for the drug to leave his body. He has, since then, shown very tiny bits of improvement. On Wednesday, he responded very slightly to a pinch under the arm, but also contracted a blood infection called sepsis, as well as pneumonia. He has undergone two days of dialysis for his kidneys, a blood transfusion yesterday to combat the blood infection and as of this morning he is showing more signs of improvement. They have removed him from the brain gauge and drain and are replacing his main IV line. He is still a very sick young man, but at least, as of today, he is showing more responses to stimulation and seems to get irritated when they are manipulating his feeding tubes, IVs, I guess those are all good signs. Thank the Lord for baby steps.

This will be a very long battle for him and for his family and they are in need of many fervent prayers. We are all imploring Mary's intercession, we ask that she go to her son on behalf of their son. He is a very strong and determined young man and we are all very hopeful that he will come out of this with full recovery. But, we also know that it will take "storming the heavens" with prayer. Also, please pray for all of his many doctors and nurses who have been so diligent and untiring in their efforts to bring Cody out of this coma and full recovery and please add a prayer of thanksgiving for the progress he's made so far.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and please pass the prayer request on to anyone and everyone that is willing to become a prayer warrior for this family and their son. God Bless You!!

And may God bless you, and Cody and his family.