Monday, December 18, 2006

Hell. Lust. Condoms. Uh...yeah, I'd say boycott the pizza.

A Catholic newspaper is calling for a boycott of Hell Pizza in response to a recent condom mail-out.

To promote its Lust pizza, Hell distributed 170,000 condoms, along with explicit instructions on their use, to letterboxes around the country.

This prompted hundreds of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority, which ruled Hell breached standards of decency and social responsibility.

An editorial in the latest edition of NZ Catholic newspaper calls on readers to abstain from purchasing any of the items on the pizza delivery chain's menu.

Is this a no-brainer or what?

The President of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, Bishop Denis Browne of Hamilton, said that the Church supports Family First�s critical comments about the current Hell Pizza letterbox drop campaign promoting their "Lust" pizza.

"Advertisers, in terms of the principles in the NZ Advertising Standards Authority code, are required to uphold decency and good taste in their advertising material, and are warned not to advertise in a way which offends against generally prevailing community standards," said Bishop Browne.

"Clearly, to put unsolicited condoms and sex advice in people�s letterboxes as part of your advertising campaign for a pizza goes beyond the merely tacky, is a breach of those standards and an affront to New Zealanders," the bishop said.

The Catholic Church has received a number of complaints from people who are offended at finding condoms in their letterboxes.

I'm not sure why the Catholic Church received the letters of complaint, but there you are.

Sources: The New Zealand Herald and New Zealand Catholic Media Releases