Thursday, January 04, 2007

The "improbable" Deval Patrick

In his inauguration speech today, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick used the term "improbable" three times. Twice to describe his "journey," and once to describe America's "journey."

So far, I find our newest governor...improbable.

Two days ago, he urged the Massachusetts state legislature to ignore the state's Constitution (in his words today, "the oldest, and one of the most explicit about individual freedoms") by adjourning the Constitutional Convention without taking a vote on defining marriage.

No, wait, that's not quite accurate.

Mr. Patrick urged the lawmakers to quit before taking a vote on whether or not the people of the state
should be allowed to vote on a definition of marriage. This, after the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts -- which, by the way, presumed to re-define Massachusetts "marriage" a few years ago -- ruled that the lawmakers should vote on the proposed ballot question, for heaven's sake, one way or another.

"Uh...I was out of town..."

Mr. Patrick claims he was "out of touch" with the state days prior to taking office, having celebrated his 50th birthday in South Africa, and thereby "missed" hearing about the Court's ruling.
Weird, given that he arrived home on Monday, and made his little speech to the lawmakers on Tuesday. How long does it take to "get in touch," guv?

Ladies and gents, I present to you the newest governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts...and ask you to ponder his first words as governor:

"Massachusetts invented America."

Highly improbable. Governor.