Monday, February 19, 2007

Domenico Bettinelli: a gracious host, indeed!

I don't know about you, but a stop at is pretty much a daily practice for me. I like the way he finds stuff, find his analyses interesting, and, since I'm lazy, I appreciate the fact that he notifies a participant like me, via email, when someone else comments on a topic in which he or she has expressed an interest.

You'd think that'd be enough, right?

But wait...there's more!

Notice at the top of Dom's blog is a pretty much made-to-order Google News Search engine for Catholics, using the key words (as far as I can count) "Catholic," "Vatican," and "Pope."

This is very cool for bloggers and blog readers alike.

I often find myself using Google News to see what's going on in, say, the [keyword] "Catholic" world. It takes time, but it's often worth it.

Now Dom makes the job simpler.

You can click on the key word on the left itself (let's say it's flashing "Vatican") and whamo, you're at Google News with the latest stories on what's going on in the Holy See.


You can just watch the ticker and see if any opening to a story catches your eye. The bonus here is that before deciding to click on it -- let's say you're intrigued by the opening words of a story about Michelangelo -- you can see the source of the story. If the source happens to be "Queer Daily News" you may opt to bypass it. Or maybe not. If the source of the story is "Inside the Vatican," you may decide to follow it up.

The point is, it's a terrific resource.

As is Bettnet.Com.

Disclaimer: Dom's a friend. But even if I didn't know him, I'd consider his site top notch. Because it is. He's taken geekiness to new heights and everybody, Catholic or not, can benefit greatly from it.

Domenico Bettinelli: Better Blogging through Bettnet.

Thanks, Domenico!