Thursday, March 01, 2007

Father JC moves his blog... a new site.

I've known Father JC Maximilian for almost as long as Al Gore discovered the Internet. A bunch of us, 'round 1994 or so, were brought together by the grace of God and the message boards of America Online. Tired of our Catholicism being constantly battered on said message boards, we decided to get together every Sunday at 10:00 PM in the incredible phenonemon known as the "private chat room." Since some of our number were reading JPII's "Crossing the Threshold of Hope," we decided to dub our group "Threshold." Although most of us no longer use good old AOL, we've kept in touch by group email for around 13 years.

It's been a privilege to participate, even virtually, in Father JC's progress in his call to the priesthood, through his seminary experience and his ultimate ordination. At least two members of the group actually attended his ordination Mass three years ago...I wish I could've been one of them.

His blog's worth a read...I was particularly struck by his post regarding his mom's first profession as a consecrated widow.

Also of interest to Catholic bloggers is the host site itself: St. Blog's Net. I haven't explored it much yet...anybody have any feedback on it? I like one thing about it: it's FREE!