Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Plan B:" Contraception is still wrong. Right?

HARTFORD, Conn. --Hartford Archbishop Henry J. Mansell said Thursday he is working with legislative leaders to find a solution to the issue of emergency contraception for rape victims that respects Roman Catholic beliefs.

They're talking about "Plan B."

"We've been talking about possibilities that would be a solution, not a compromise," said Mansell, who spoke with more than 250 Catholics at the annual Catholic Concerns Day at the state Capitol. It "would respect the aspirations of people who are advocating for certain help, at the same time respect our religious principals and convictions."

Here' s the thing. "Plan B" is contraception. Contraception is wrong. End of discussion.

See what the manufacturers say about "Plan B." Then tell me how on earth a Catholic hospital can (a) distribute it or even (b) send a patient to another hospital to receive it.