Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Rosary is NOT a fashion symbol!

You've probably seen it as often as I have...folks sporting their rosaries around their necks as if they were trying to make a fashion statement.

And yes, I know, in some cultures this is acceptable.

It shouldn't be.

Because it leads to stuff like this.

Traditionally, the rosary is more about spiritual function than fashion.

But these days the ordered string of beads is as likely to be found in a house of fashion as it is in a house of prayer.

"It's a big celebrity trend," said Amber Gutierrez, a sales associate at Fly High Little Bunny, a jewelry store on South Shepherd. "I've seen it on people in clubs."

Makes you want to kneel down and pray.

Good intentions?

As Los Angeles-based designer Rosanne Karmes sees it, the pieces she creates...draw on customers' deep desires.

"People today are looking for something of meaning, not necessarily religious, but something of meaning," said Karmes. She considers herself someone who has "a high regard for all the religions that teach good morals and values."

Uh...high regard?

Karmes often mixes religious symbols from various faiths in her designs. One of her rosarylike pieces contains an evil eye in sapphires and diamonds.

Rosanne? I applaud your high regard for religions that teach good morals and values. Now why don't you take the next step and show some respect for them?

(H/T to Mare for the link.)