Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Take up your cross and follow Jesus": a pro-life Good Friday thing to do

BOSTON -- For 20 years, Good Friday has brought processions of priests, religious and families with small children in the Boston-area. They pray and sing in English, Spanish and Italian, carrying crosses, statues and banners, making the Way of the Cross through the streets in reparation for the sin of abortion.

In keeping with tradition on Good Friday morning, April 6, hundreds of pro-life Catholics will walk in solemn procession through Boston neighborhoods stopping at churches or gather for prayer at an abortion clinic.

My friend and organizer of this event, Colbe Mazzarella, invites all Catholics to participate in the Good Friday processions. “If anyone finds it in their heart to come join us, they can help make reparation for this great tragedy.”

Don't live in Boston? Not a problem. Says Colbe:

“Take up your cross and follow Jesus down the streets of your own city. Walk around your parish church, in front of abortion clinics, or to seven churches in the old Holy Week tradition. You will be blessed for your courageous public statement.”

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