Friday, May 25, 2007

Father Pio Bruno Lanteri, pray for us. (And you guys, too!)

It was a privilege for me to attend a sung Latin Mass in honor of the Venerable Pio Bruno Lanteri's 225th anniversary of his ordination this evening. The Mass was celebrated at Saint Francis Chapel, run by the Oblates of the Virgin Mary — the order Father Lanteri founded, although he insists on crediting the founder of the order to Our Lady. Located in an upscale shopping-office-convention complex, the Chapel has often been described as an "oasis" — not just for practicing Catholics but for the relapsed, lukewarm, and separated Christians. It is impossible to say how many lapsed Catholics, for example, have been, while on a a business trip or a shopping expedition, led back to the Church through the good work of the Oblates. I ask for your prayers for this "oasis." Word has it that the Prudential Center — landlord of Saint Francis Chapel — has, or is, raising the monthly rent to an astronomical $20,000 per month. With that kind of price tag, it is difficult to imagine this amazing place to continue its apostolate for much longer. Will you join me in asking Father Lanteri to intercede on behalf of Saint Francis Chapel? Thanks!